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Discover the Underground Method That Business Owners and High-Achieving Professionals Are Using To Get Complete Control Over Their Drinking In Record Time WITHOUT Feeling Like You’re Actually Giving Up Anything!

The AFL Method offers a personalized, confidential, home-based approach to conquer alcohol dependency in record time with a proven 95% success rate, we prioritize your busy schedule, ensuring minimal disruption. 

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Most if not all quit drinking programs are accessible to all, whilst this is great for many it can also mean that for some it's very hard to find a place where you feel you fit in.

Our programs consist of carefully curated groups of like-minded professional high-achievers, people at the top of their game who want to remove alcohol to take their lives to the next level.

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“I feel great! I have lost weight! My skin looks great!” - Jonathan

“I was going out with clients, drinking, really fast-paced life. When I got to age 37, I was tired and exhausted from that lifestyle. And I wanted a solution to change. I reached out to James…he guided me.“

“Seems like it happened very suddenly...” - John Keltner

“I'm so glad I got started when I did.  I started... We talked on the 19th of December and I got started on the 20th of December...  got through the holidays... And then I was off and running into 2019.  So, thank you James for pushing me.  My advice to anyone who's thinking about it is just get started. Go. Get it.”

“I was unsure. But I chose to commit to Project 90. I was held accountable.” - Becky

“I had been to other types of programs and therapy sessions. I didn’t know if this would be similar. But what this turned out to be was a group of people who wanted upgrades in their life around family, professional and personal life and health. The members shared a similar mindset, circumstances and age to mine and they were working professionals who were reconsidering their relationship with alcohol.”

“I lost 21 lbs!” - Rose Ann

“My blood pressure went from from high 140/90 to low 117/79. My resting heart rate was in the 80 range and now it’s in the 58 range.”

“My business is thriving! I have lost 25lbs! I am a better Dad and husband!” - Andris Lagsdin

“My health was not good. I was drinking wine almost daily. Proudly, since April, 2018, I have not touched a glass of alcohol. My business is thriving. I have lost 25lbs and turned 50. I’m in a much better mind space. My trajectory with my health and business is in a much better space.”

“I have lost 21lbs!” - Mike Liyeos

“My confidence has spiked. I’m a lot less irritable. 

I smile a lot more! I have made many positive changes. 

One of my goals was to lose weight…I have lost 21lbs.”

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